Area Director’s Message

Area Director’s Message

Sheila R. Brown
Central Area Director

Welcome to the website of the Central Area of The Links, Incorporated!
The Central Area of The Links, Incorporated is comprised of 3,900 influential women providing impactful programming in 72 communities throughout 17 states in “the Heart of Linkdom”—the Midwest.  Central Area members contribute more than 194,000 documented service hours annually to the community by engaging external organizations and partnerships.  Under the leadership of Ethel Isaacs Williams, J.D., our National President, The Links, Incorporated is an international organization established in 1946. With more than 17,000 professional women in 299 chapters around the world.  We are one of the nation’s oldest and largest volunteer service organizations who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry.

The women of the Central Area are phenomenal women who have changed the world. We are Simply The B.E.S.T!  We will Build Excellence through Sisterhood, Service and Teamwork as we transform, illuminate and elevate the communities where we work and live.  Friendship is who we are, our inner core, our raison d’etre. Our Service is empowered by our friendships.

My vision for the Central Area of being “Simply the B.E.S.T.” is rooted

Building Excellence:
Enhance chapter development to increase effective communication, strengthen friendship and intensify programming.

Cultivate, motivate, and mentor chapter leadership into a culture of friendship and sisterhood.

Encourage and support successful programming which transforms the community.

Propel chapters forward through robust member engagement and increase sustainability with thoughtful succession planning for growth and the future of the chapter.

We have a great opportunity for success when we work as a team. We’ve all made a conscious decision to transform communities, uplift neighborhoods and prepare our children for excellence and success. We are force of change and a force to be reckoned with today and in the future!  We will continue working on programs such as job preparedness.  We will continue to emphasize STEAM, while instilling in our youth, the fire which will create a strong desire to continue their education.  The women of The Links, Incorporated will continue to change the playing field to an all-inclusive playing field with a diverse team.

My promise to you as members and supporters of the Central Area of The Links, Incorporated:  With each and every interaction with me, please count it as an extension of sitting at my kitchen table.  It is a safe space.  It will nourish and enrich you.  It will make you feel welcome.  It will help you rise to any occasion.  You will always know that you are counted as a friend.  You can have a seat at my table.

Yours in Linkdom

Sheila R. Brown, DDS, MEd                                                                                                                                                    Central Area Director