National Trends

National Trends

The focus of National Trends and Services is to explore and address national issues affecting African American communities, by empowering people for transforming communities.  Key programs and initiatives include: Women Issues and Economic Empowerment; Legislative Issues, Public Affairs and Disaster Relief; National Partnerships – Ally Financial Wallet Wise; AARP, The Links Academy, and Habitat for Humanity.  Anti-Bullying, National Trends newest national initiative, delivers awareness and prevention education to youth and adults on various types of bullying.

The Central Area National Trends and Services Area Committee establishes regular communication with chapters, is designed to inform, update, and discuss relevant community issues, as well as to support planning, implementation, assessment, and documentation the effect of their procedures.  Additionally, the expansion of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives will create a variety of unique opportunities for collaboration, with community partners, that address important local and national issues.  Through aligning with both National and Area Strategic Priorities, chapters will deliver creative and impactful transformational programming while building upon existing models of excellence.



Glenda Kearney DuBoise

National Trends and Services Chair

Topeka (KS) Chapter