Programming Team

Programming Team

The Central Area Program Chair/Co-Chair collaborates with and supports all Central Area Program Teams (The Arts, Health & Human Services, International Trends & Services, national Trends & Services, and Serivices, to Youth). The Program Chair/Co-Chair streamlines reporting manages expectations and ensures the completion of operations deliverables across all of our chapters. This critical position provides resources, attention and focus to each of the Program Facets through a more efficient and effective reporting structure and serves at the pleasure of the Central Area Director.

Kamilah Parker

Central Area Program Co-Coordinator

Hoffman Estates (IL) Chapter

Marion Pierson

Services to Youth Chair

Jackson County (MO) Chapter


The Arts Chair

Glenda Kearney DuBoise

National Trends and Services Chair

Topeka (KS) Chapter

Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh

International Trends and Services Chair

Cincinnati (OH) Chapter

Jylana Sheats

Health and Human Services Chair

Parthenon (TN) Chapter